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Ann Hemard-Remember the Days-Assemblage Ann Hemard-Something So Familiar-Assemblage Bev Elliot-Dancing My Butt Off-Acrylic & Collage Bev Elliot-Dueling Cosmos 1&2-paint & Keronsen Bill Ross, OPA, Oil & Acrylic Bruno Von Holzenwall-Face of the Multiverse-Digital Cassandra Buck-Fillette-Photography Cassandra Buck-Virtuoso-photography Cecile Hines-Forced Smile-oil Cheryl McLennan-The Mere Thought of You-Photography Chip Spirson-Bomb Shell-acrylic Chip Spirson-Eye to Eye-Acrylic Chip Spirson-Under Cover-Acrylic Christine Salome'-Don't I Know You From Someplace?-photography Christine Salome'-Don't We Know You from Someplace?-photography Christopher Mills-Help Me-Digital Composite Clay New-Bill-Acrylic-1st Place Colby Detwiler-Sunshine Recorder-mixed Diane Brim-Are you Related to Suers?-mixed Diane Brim-Shades of Glory-mixed Diane Brim-The Artist Who Speaks with Color-mixed Don Manderson-Usual Crowd-Digital Montage Donna O'Neal-Catholic School Girl-Holy Milagros, Pray for Us,series-oil markers Dorssie Melvin, Me, Graphite Dorssie Melvin, Toshiro, Graphite Dottie King, Dignity is not a Bespoke Suit, Photography Dottie King-No Longer Blue Boy-photography Drew Vincent-Door Left Open, I Don't Know I Am Anymore-photography Drew Vincent-Sensous-photography Elizabeth Matthews-Untitled-mixed Frances Ashcroft, Heroic Smile, Pencil Gila Rayberg-Nurturer-Mosaic James Martin-Batman Triptych-mixed James Martin-Self Portrait-mixed-2nd Place James Martin-Study of a Young Woman-oil Jeanne LeGrand-Jane:Both Sense and Sensibility-mixed Jeanne LeGrand-Siouxsie Sioux: All Your Torment Flowers Blooming-oil Jennifer Fleming-A Friend's Whisper-Acrylic Jennifer Fleming-Happy Hour-acrylic collage Jennifer Fleming-New Orleans Rebirth-Reconstructed Doll Sculpture Joan Overton-Fee-mixed Joy Sims- Don't I Know You from Someplace?-stained glass Kimberly Baldwin-Tell-Tale Heart-plaster of Paris:Acrylic Laura Wolfersperger-Nature's Ecstasy-Encaustic Linda Kernick-She ha Botticelli Eyes-mixed Linda Kernick-Whose Face Do I See-mixed Marcia Moritz-Do I Know You-Pastel Marcia Moritz-Faces From the Past-mixed-Honorable Mention Mary Blanos-Albert E=mc2 Mary Blanos-Nefertiti-watercolor Mary Blanos-Stone Tablets-watercolor Nikki Strahota-B.O.G.O Tuesday-mixed Pat Page-My Angel Out of the Blue-mixed Patricia O'Neal-Allegro-collage Patricia O'Neal-Angle of Repose-Acrylic Patricia O'Neal-Scandal-mixed Patsy Pennington-Step Aside-watercolor Patsy Pennington-You Don't See Me-watermedia Randy Morris-Lord of the Flowery Death-Print Randy New-La Liberte' e'clairant le Monde-Acrylic Randy New-Senator-Acrylic Rick Otoupalik-Looking Behind-Sculpted, Fired Clay Rick Otoutpalik-The Proletariat-mixed Sally Miller-Stand by Me-Acrylic Sally Miller-The Man in the Attic-acrylic- MOST EXPERIMENTAL Samantha Crooke-Super Angel Rainbow Family-mixed Sandy Ford-Crowd II-mixed Staci Miron-Forever My Baby 1-oil monotype Staci Miron-Selfie-Watercolor Steven Lepscier-All Are One and One is All-oils,colored pencils&pencilsJPG Sue Woodson-Just Face It-Pottery Tara Richelle -Perceptions & Reflections Mix:watercolor Thomas Groth-Denver Girl-oil Thomas Groth-Sleeping Beauty-oil Thomas Groth-Tone Poem German-Graphite Victoria Seachrist-Sean Kelly-mixed lightbox photogallery by v5.9m
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