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 Jonel Art 'Black Swan' acrylic Ann Hemard 'Door to Ancestry' assemblage Ann Hemard 'The Door' assemblage B.S. Elliott 'Reflections' acrylic B.S.Elliot 'Sunrise at 'Red Rock' collage Benjamin Krohn 'Fancy Shed' silver gelatin print Bill Ross 'Girl w: Pearl Earrings' oil Bill Ross 'Maddelyn' acrylic Braeden Penberg 'Commotion' plaster & acrylic Carol Loethan 'Guardian of the Door' mixed Caroline Ennis 'Auger' Stoneware Caroline Ennis 'Finger Sponge' stoneware Caroline Ennis 'Spaceworm' Stoneware Chip Spirson 'Behind Closed Doors' PJC Chip Spirson 'Bolt and Lock' mixed Chip Spirson 'Jasmine' cardboard & marker Chris Bryde Pack 'Abre La Puerta' photo Christine Salome 'For Ever Locked' photo Christine Salome 'Is This Love?' photo Christine Salome photo Christopher Mills 'Floating Within' digital composite Chuck Lisner 'Cotton Row Club' Digital photo Chuck Lisner 'Down the Path' photo Chuck Lisner 'Salvation's Door' digital photo Delores Crain 'Closure' Mixed Diana Kaye Obe 'Join the Army they Said' Acrylic Dolores Crain 'Once Inside Something' mixed Dolores Crain 'Thershhold' mixed Don Manderson 'Uncle Went's Attic' Digital Montage Don Manderson 'Within Rebar' digital montage Donna O'Neal 'Bolero" charcoal Donna O'Neal 'What's in Your Closet?' acrylic Dottie King ' Fidel Was Here' photo Dottie King 'Home in Cuba' photo Dottie King 'Who's Door' photo Greg Hollahan 'Clouded View' Greg Hollahan 'In Transition' photo Greg Hollahan 'Special Notes' photo Jennifer Fleming 'Zen Portal' collage Jim Enstace 'Open Doors?' mixed Joan Overton 'Giocondoor' mixed JoAnn Locklear 'Heart Opening' mixed JoAnn M. Locklear 'Beyond All Borders' mixed JoAnn M. Locklear 'Fly Me to the Moon Alice' mixed Kate Buffington 'Portal' acrylic Kate Buffington 'Walkin' Out the Door' mixed Kimberly Heartsong 'Art's Doorway to Escape' mixed Linda Kernick 'Door to Another Universe' Linda Kernick 'Door to the Bookstore' mixed Michael Colucci 'Sheherezade's Door to 1001 Arabian Nights' wood, brass, enamel, acrylic Michael Fagan 'Go Figure' mixed Michael Fagan 'Portals' mixed Michael Fagan 'Through the Back Door' mix Nikki Strahota 'Don't Fence Me In' paper-clay collage Pam Folse 'Education is the Key' clay Pamela Goodyear 'I Am' w:c Pamela Goodyear 'Welcomed Song of the African Red Eyed Bulbul' w:c Pat Page 'Into the Tomb' mixed Pat Page 'Laurie's Barn' w:c Pat Page 'The Chaos Within' acrylic Patricia O'Neal ' Regress Egress' Patricia O'Neal 'City Pulse' mixed Rick Otoupalik 'Doors of Perception; mixed Rick Otoupalik 'No Exit' photo Rick Otoupalik 'The Kate Keeper' mixed Sandy Ford 'Fence Sitters' Mixed assemblage Sandy Ford 'His "n" Hers' mixed assemblage Sandy Ford 'Howdy' collage, acrylic Staci Miron 'Joe Patti' photo Suzetter Brooks 'Monty Hall's dilemma' fused glass Suzetter Brooks 'Please...Come In!' fused glass Tara Richelle 'Flood Gates' acrylic Tara Richelle 'Wrong Door' acrylic Tera Fujan 'Night Portal' mixed:cold wax Tera Fujan 'No Explantion Necessary...' mixed encaustic Will Crane 'Prisoner of the Heart' acrylic Will Crane 'The Last Space Explorer' acrylic lightbox photogallery by v5.9m
223 Palafox Place
Old Escambia County Courthouse
Pensacola, FL 32502   MAP
Tel. (850) 432-3080
Hours of Operation
10 am - 4 pm
Tuesday - Saturday
Artel Gallery is a not-for-profit gallery supported in part
by generous donations given by the viewing public.
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