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Adam Keene, Fountain of Fear Adam Licko, Natures Cameos Ashley Refferty, A Hero Lost and A Hero Found Bev Elliott, Burka Blue Billie Bailey, The Rabbit Hole Bruno VonHolzenwall, Warning New Carpet Chelsea Alberda, Menage a Trois Cheryl McLennan, The Tree of Life Chip Spirson, Misty Mountain Rain Christian Dinh, Untitled Christine Solome, Love lifts you up Christine Solome, Sweet Light Christopher Mills , Watershed Wasted Christopher Mills,XrayinAMajor Corey Frey, Cage and Beuys Rummaged Dale Castellucci, Grevitasjon Dale Castellucci Derrick Edwards, The Elusiveness of Light Diane Collins, Not Live at the Armadillo Diane Collins, Solve for X Dick Hartley, Space Travel Don Manderson, Effluent DonManderson,Sirens Donna ONeal, The Four Evangelists Donna ONeal, Window Shopping Dottie King, Different Girl with a Pearl Earring Elaine Sofge Foshee, Ted Geri Nettles, Inanna, Goddess of the Cosmos Gila Rayberg, SideKick Jeanne McGrath, Cairo Marketplace Jeanne McGrath, Explosion in Red Jennifer Fliming, Surface Light Jim Lange, Homage Jim Lange, Nova Joan Blackburn, Geishas Asian Winds Joan Overton, Chromatic Conversions Joan Overton, Despedazandose Karl Evertz, Inspiration Karl Evertz, Inspiration11 Kathy Breazeale, Cuandro un Puerto Cierra KathyBreazegle ,Swift Segue Kimberly Jean Baldwin, Mother and Child Konstyantyn Dylin, Street Musician Kreg Yingst, The Pensacola Kid Larry Manuel, The Burton Babe Laura Wolfersperger, Avian Admiration Laura Wolfersperger, On Holiday Leland Leonard, 4022 Rosewood Spadefish Margaret Warren, Forgotten Coast Maria Hoch, Pig Marty Campbell, Ettal Monastery Michael Boles, In A Pinch Michael Boles, Stepping Out Nate Lyle, Downslope Norm Haines, Raicing the Storm Down Pikes Peak Pat Hayes, All in a Row Pat Hayes, Wag the Dog Pat ONeal, Bring Me To The Top Paula Perdue, The A Line Rachael Pongetti, Orange Crush Rachel Pongetti, Sealer Survivor Ralph Thomas, Green Vase Rick Otoupalik, The Three Fates Robert Burst, Lost in the Funhouse Robert Burst, Strolling the Midway Robert Deckert, Untitled Ruth Gordon, Mountain Vista Triptych Sally Miller, Crowing in Neutral Sam Nettles, Under the Winged Helm of the Oracle Sandy Ford, Sunshine Daydream SAP , Meridian SAP, The Wild Waltz Terry Covington, Paisley Chair Virginia Branchcomb, Into the Woods Vivian Spencer, Sail Away lightbox photogallery by v5.9m
223 Palafox Place
Old Escambia County Courthouse
Pensacola, FL 32502   MAP
Tel. (850) 432-3080
Hours of Operation
10 am - 4 pm
Tuesday - Saturday
Artel Gallery is a not-for-profit gallery supported in part
by generous donations given by the viewing public.
Please consider donating to Artel so we can continue to
provide experimental contemporary art for all to enjoy.
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