Main Gallery

Go Figure

DurationMarch 16, 2021–April 22, 2021

What a collection of work we have this time! We have over 90 pieces displayed in the Main Gallery exhibiting all of the iterations of the “figure”. It is a truly magnificent exhibition!


“I have had a rather diverse career having worked as a bread salesman to being the night manager of a Greyhound station. Somewhere along my career path, I managed to be a professional soldier for 22 years, drive a taxi and repair doors in a refrigerator factory. Throughout those years I studies art, concentrating on portraits and the figure.What I look for in figure and portrait work is a balance between technical skills and innovation. Technical skills I look for are fidelity to the figure and how well the artist used the medium and material with which he created the work of art. As for innovation, I look for freshness of idea, composition and innovative use of color.”

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