The Alcove

"How To Disappear" by Summer Sevi

DurationJuly 28, 2020–September 3, 2019

“How To Disappear”

“I’ve always had trouble crying. Whether it be for joy or grief, the tears wouldn’t come. I cry through my art. I cry in happiness for my children, I cry in heartbreak for my losses, and I cry for others’ pain and bliss.

Originally, my art was for me. It was intended as a way to document a single moment in time that I considered to be important. The art has evolved, taking on a life of its own. Now, my art is for others. It is a way to share glimpses of beauty, triumph, loneliness, trauma, and other human conditions. It’s a way of communicating through images and states of mind that we all experience.

My work usually begins with a drawing, upon which layers of paint, charcoal, and other materials are added. I don’t like to dwell on one piece too long; 3 days of work is usually all that’s needed to complete a painting. To me, painting is a way of purging; it’s like therapy. Once the purge is complete, there is a period of calm that follows.”

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