The Vault

"Rain" by Pat Hayes

DurationSeptember 8, 2020–October 22, 2020


“I am interested in the tension between disorder and order; boundary places like shorelines, where static order is pushing back against the erosion of dynamic fluid chaos. The meeting-place of chaos and order is where life is possible, where DNA can steal energy from the fire but also find enough stability to replicate itself in that complex zone at the meeting of static, dead crystalline perfection and the inferno of complete randomness. This intermediate zone, always shifting, always dangerous, is where, as we say, things can get complicated. It is also where we must live, and where we can make art. The unpredictable vagaries of our weather vividly illustrate this constant battle between order and disorder.

This Rain series is a small ode, a fanfare to the dangerous, beautiful, chaotic world of our Florida shore.”

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