The Alcove

"Eyes Open" by Ivo Alcala

DurationOct , 2019–Dec 5, 2019

“Eyes Open” by Ivo Alcala

“It’s not the experience that matters, it’s how we perceive the experience that matters. Perception underpins the way we think, feel, act, relate, and perceive. It affects every decision we make and is present in every moment of our lives. Perception can be distilled into two basic ingredients, the (inside) Self and the (outside) World. These ingredients are brought to life, in part, by an illusion we call seeing. Take for example the following sentence: “I see a tree.”

This to us is real. There is an I, there is an object, and there is the experience of seeing the tree. But have you ever asked yourself what this experience is made of? I invite you this evening to swim around for a moment inside the experience of “seeing” and ask yourself what this experience is made of…”

(Hint: the answer is not LIGHT. You do not see light, you perceive light.)

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