The Alcove

"Woven Nature" by Tessa Fremgen

DurationMay 5, 2020–June 11, 2019

“Woven Nature” by Tessa Fremgen

Nature is my prime inspiration in weaving both for materials and themes. Like weavers in the past, I like to include materials found in forests and beaches such as needles, grasses, bark, roots, driftwood and seashells. Materials such as these enable me to put my feelings into the weaving, show my admiration and respect to this beautiful planet Earth where we live.

As basic materials, I use both natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, raffia, linen, wool, and silk and synthetic fibers. In addition to yarn, I experiment with fabric strips, ribbons and cords.

My first looms were self-made from wooden picture frames. Since then, I’ve moved on to use a simple vertical loom with a removable heddle bar.

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