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2016-01-02 13.44.19 Aaron Ryan, Blue Shapes Adam Clark, The Ride Alys Mead, Pulp Fiction Ann Hemard, 100% Cotton USA Aunt Nadine, Repose Autry Dye,Bird Women of Perdido Becky Holland, the Unseen Word Bev Elliott, Sedona Sunrise Revisted Billie Bailey, Gladiolas Bruno Von Holzenwall, Warning New Carpet Cheryl Vernon Fox, Trail of Feather Chloe Stringfellow, For Suzanne Christine Salome, My Precious Christopher Mills, 521 Connie W. Nall, Summer Journal Dale Castellucci, Self Portrait in Storm Darlen Homrighausen, Owatumpka Dave Kessler, Where Have All the Impala Gone David W. Loethen,  Surfer Dude Debra Ogden, Sunshine Lady Dee Green, When Form Follows Function II Diana Kaye Obe, I'm Going to Miss Diane Brim, The Source Diane Collins, Look the Other Way Diane Tucker, Colorado On My Mind Dicky Hartley, Enjoying the View Don Manderson, Interjection Dona Stenstrom, The Alphabet Donna O'Neal, Stiletto Palmetto Elaine Sofge Foshee, The Oracle Gila Rayberg, Una Promenade a Paris Gina Cooke, Love Will Tear Us Apart Ian Fagan, Lighthouse Bridge J. Derrick Edwards, Stump Detail #600 Jean Harris, Through the Wormholes Jeanne McGrath, Maasai Men Jennifer Fleming, Night Thread Jim Lange, Mutation Joan Blackburn, Circle of Life Joan Overton, Neolithic Nirvana JoAnn Locklear, Surprise! Fido! Joseph E. Shuttleworth, Peace on Earth Joseph Smith, Swimmers Joy Sims, Infinite Reflections Karen Bicknell, The Race Karen McAferty Morris, Alaska Lasses Kathi Gordon, Ehiopian Coptic Cross Kathy Breazeale, Selves Converging Kimberly J. Baldwin, Pondering Regression Konstantyn Sylin, Portrait of Artist Alexander Anufriev Laura Wolfersperger, Origins Linda Kernick, Chicken Little Loren Miller, Portrait of Artist Lorraine Flatt, Full Moon Maggi Diercks Roberts, Early Morning Sunrise Surprise Mailande Turner, To the Finish Mara Viksnins, Madame Butterfly Marcia Moritz, Lamarene Maria Hoch, Little Man Mary Blanos, And the Angels Sing Mary Lou Nicolai, Snow Secret Marylin Dorsey, Fairy Forest Micah Whaler, Shadow Spear Michael Boles, Love My Polyps, Love Me Michael Fagan, The Conversation Michael Suhor, Miami Mountain Michele Nolen Schmidt, Summer Nate Lyle, 80s Baby Pam Folse, According to Vincent Pat Hayes, Looking Down Boston T Patricia Lyle CuSiO2 Patricia O'Neal, Rangdina Bridge Paul Goens, Blindfold Off - Citizens United Paula Perdue, Resurrection Fern After the Rain Rachael Pongetti, Seventeen Ralph Thomas, Knotholes and Stone Randy Morris, Bear Man Totem Randy New, George New, Jr Rick Otoupalik, Red and Orange on Yellow Ruth Gordon, Innuendoes Scott Schiffer, Rainy Day Monday Stuart A. East, III, Waleed Mir Suzanne Tuzzeo, Color Me Bodhi Svend Damhave, Seaside #26 Tara Richelle, La Lagrima Terry Covington, Dancing Mama Thomas Groth, Just a Note Tremilla Yalls, Heart Drop Victoria Boone, Woman or Man William G. Nolan Schmidt, Voyeurs of the King lightbox photogallery by v5.9m
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