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Artel is an all-volunteer organization and depends on the generosity of those who have a few hours a month to give. We would love to welcome you as a Gallery Sitter, reception or lecture helper, or special event volunteer. Also, we would love to know of any special skills you have which you would be willing to donate to the gallery.

Gallery Sitters. Our most important need is Gallery Sitters. Artel is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 – 4. Shifts are from 10 – 1 or 1 – 4. We require a minimum three-hour commitment per month (1 sitting/month), although you are welcome to do more if convenient for you.

A 45-minute training session is usually done at the beginning of your first shift. You then would remain to finish your shift. Someone is always available by phone if you need assistance.

Volunteer Benefits
Volunteers may receive a free annual membership after only 30 hours of gallery sitting or other volunteer work. The 30 hours must be in the same calendar year. Gallery Sitters who are already members, can receive one free entry to any juried show (except Cinco Banderas) by Gallery sitting for 15 hours within any continuous six-month period.

The free entry fee can only be used within a one-year period starting from the date you acquired the 15 hours, and you must be a current Artel member when you use it.

Additional hours may be earned for other duties, such as assisting at art drop offs, receptions, educational programs and other special events.

Start Volunteering Today!
To schedule training for gallery sitting or to help with special events, please email Suzanne Robbert at or
click here to download our volunteer form.




Diana Amato
Meghan Bang
John Baradell
Sandra Beyer
Cynthia Booker
Jim Cady
Sandra Cecil
Dave Crowley
Patricia Dirkson
Bev Eliot
Jennifer Fleming
Mary Elna Flores
Sandy Ford
Mary Lee Gibson
Anthony Gremillion
Jean Harris
Pat Hayes
Don and Nancy Hill
Don Ray Hill
Becky Holland
Tiffany Holy
Donna Jane
Steven Kell
Bob Kennedy
Claudine Kriss

Hope Mastroianni
Amanda McAdams
Julie McGrath
Dorssie Melvin
Sally Miller
Karen Morris
Debra Odgen
Mike O’Neal
Patricia O’Neal
Rick Otoupalik
Joan Overton
Diane Powell
Judy Robbert
Suzanne Robbert
Maggi Roberts
Christine Salome
Cindy Smith
Joseph Smith
Hank Snyder
Diane Tucker
John Walen
Betty Wells
Audrey Young
Claudio Yurdadon
J.O. Zachow
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Old Escambia County Courthouse
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Tel. (850) 432-3080
Hours of Operation
10 am - 4 pm
Tuesday - Saturday
Artel Gallery is a not-for-profit gallery supported in part
by generous donations given by the viewing public.
Please consider donating to Artel so we can continue to
provide experimental contemporary art for all to enjoy.
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